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In this blog I want to talk about David’s musicians who were some of the early members of Spirit of Life Recording Company. David himself was a member of this label because he was an anointed musician (1 Sam 16: 18 – 23) and a prophet (Acts 2: 29, 30) so he understood how to receive spiritual wisdom and understanding by revelation. How else could you explain his daredevil stunts like killing a lion and a bear with his bare hands (1 Sam 17: 33-37) and killing a giant with a sling shot and a stone? (1 Sam 17). Which one of you would do that? Maybe bungee jumping is “safer”. His brothers thought that he was cocky when he said he would fight and kill a ten foot giant (1 Sam 17).
David knew a God who gave him superior mental boldness and physical conditioning and strength (did he go to the gym?) that made a stone sink through a giant’s forehead and into his brain, causing that giant to topple over like a felled tree. While he was a shepherd, David dreamed of the day that he would establish his own recording company in order to share songs that would usher in the presence of God and reveal His power and secrets to his people. David had received spiritual revelation about what heaven was like and the worship and singing that took place there and I will show this to you later. He also knew how to join the worship there and how to download its music and songs to earth, because his music had power to make demons flee from King Saul (1 Sam 16: 23).
One example, however, is that David was a designer of musical instruments (1 Chronicles 23: 5) and one of them was the harp. Did he have a vision of heaven like John where he saw the harp being played? (Rev 5:8; 14:2; 15:2). Sorry for those who say musical instruments are for the Old Testament only because you will have to endure them up there. Anyway, rappers (and gospel musicians, producers etc as well), he fulfilled his dream when he became king. That is advantage of being king (in charge). You get to do some creative stuff that you dreamt about or that God gave to you. David was a Jew, so as a Jew, he was obligated to go to the temple (that God told Moses to build) to offer sacrifices for sin. The problem was that the Jews did not know that the temple Moses built was just a pattern of God’s temple/church/tabernacle in heaven and that God was using it to teach them and later the Gentiles something about worship and prayer (say what?).
David knew by revelation that the temple on earth represented God’s temple in heaven because he had seen it, maybe in a vision, although he did not let out that particular secret. His actions, however, spoke louder than his words and that is how we know this particular secret that David hid from his people (maybe he did not want them to stone him. After all, he had to live to be the king). Yes, God has a temple in heaven and we see that in Hebrews 8: 5; 9:11; 12: 22-23 and Rev 7: 15; 11:19; 15:5. Hebrews 8: 5 implies that Moses knew about the temple in heaven as well, but apparently he had not seen it or did not tell the Jews that the tabernacle on earth was just a pattern of the one in heaven. I’m no scholar, but when I read Exodus 25, I found the pattern that Moses built on earth (check out the bling bling in the church building. Can you do that in New York?).
Basically, the temple was really a tent enclosed by a yard. Rev 15: 5; 7: 15 and 11:19 tell about the tabernacle in heaven which was the original of the one God wanted Moses to build. The one Moses built had three parts – a courtyard, holy place and the most holy place. The courtyard surrounded the tabernacle and was entered by one gate (can’t get to heaven except by Jesus). In the yard you would meet an altar for sacrifices and a basin for handwashing. The Holy Place had a lampstand, table with bread and a golden altar of incense. In heaven, this altar is in front of God’s throne (Rev 8:3-5) and it is here that an angel holds our prayers and offers them up with incense unto God, so that He can inhale them and remember us.
This is a natural high (no drugs needed). In addition, the spirits of the saints who were ever martyred are under the altar so tht God can remember them and their murderers (Rev 6:9). The Most Holy Place tell us there is a place in heaven where God sits (Rev 4: 2-5; 5:6; 7:9) since it contained an ark or chest on which rested a mercy seat representing the throne where God dwells. This mercy seat is referred to in Hebrews 4: 16. Two angels were made facing each other on either side of the mercy seat and their wings stretched out to cover the mercy seat. Second Samuel 6: 2 and Isaiah 6: 1- 2 and 37: 16 show that God dwells between the cherubims.
When you read the book of Revelation, you would see that a lot of worship activity takes place in front of God’s throne that we are expected to mimic on earth. Twenty four elders as well as angels fall down on their faces to worship (Rev 4:10; 5:8; 7:9; 12:4); musicians play harps (Rev 5:8; 14: 2,3; 15: 2); worship songs are sung by saints and angels (Rev 4: 8-12; 5: 9, 12; 6:9,10; 7:10-12; 11:17; 14:3; 15:3,4; 19: 1-3,6,7) and people wave palm branches in celebration just as the Jews did to celebrate Christ’s entry into Jerusalem (Rev 7:9).
This revelation is what David received, but I want to ask if you receive this by faith. Do you prefer this natural high, joy and peace that you can get by living in God’s presence or tension and stress by wondering who is going to kill you or who hates you? Come on into God’s kingdom. More to come.
Yesterday I spoke about the Biblical evidence related to the effects of the words sung by gangster rap musicians and tried to show the effect of the words spoken to release life. I will now cite some examples of the power of the word from the work of TuPac Shakur, a gifted young rapper who died tragically at the age of 25 years. The lyrics of the song “Runnin (Dying to Live)” are a self fulfilling prophecy:
“reporter speaking, TuPac Shakur was shot… Yo know, I wonder if they’ll laugh when I am dead…why am I dying to live if I’m just living to die…” (
According to, a young man killed a Texas Ranger through the inspiration of the album “2 Pacalypse now” and this event brought the album into recognition. Because TuPac sowed fruits of death, he liberally ate its fruit during his life. Trouble came naturally to TuPac, apparently, and his life seemed to be marked by mistrust, fear of treachery (he discharged himself from the hospital two days after major surgery for critical injuries received in a robbery) and criminal allegations. He signed to Death Row Records (waiting to die) and Shakur himself often said that he expected he’d die by the sword before he reached thirty ( The documentary on his life showed that he signed to Death Row after losing confidence in the loyalty of his friends at his old recording company. Did he jump spiritually from the frying pan into the fire, progressing from one devilish dominion to a more powerful one? Check out the types of “friends” that he had.
If you consider the names of other rap labels, you will see terrible implications:
  • Def Jam (deaf to God’s voice and righteousness) and
  • Ruthless Records (Satan has no mercy either for the singer or the follower).

Proverbs 12:28 says that “in the way of righteousness is life and in the pathway thereof there is no death”. This man had so much going for him. He was multitalented, but hooked up with the wrong label. He needed to join Spirit of Life Recording Company. Here you will find anointed musicians who download their music from a power source that produces health, longlife and wellbeing.

This music comes from a place where angels bow down and worship and a place from which a sweet anointing emanates that will bring good news about your situations, heal brokenness (like that of TuPac’s if you read his history), set captives free from habits, demonic oppression, open prisons to allow prisoners to escape from the power of the devil, comfort the mourning, produce joyful praise, repair waste places in people’s lives and geographic locations, make you Ministers of the Most High God, produce prosperity and bring fame (Isa 61).
Since we have eyes of understanding, believers can actually see and talk with angels and run off devils when they come to steal, kill and destroy (as I do). This is something that you should prefer. God says He is calling His captive ministers of music. I am talking about those of you who are tied up in prison, Satan’s Spirit of Death Record Label and serving the devil for wages of death.
Even if Satan and your enemies don’t kill you now, God will have no choice but to get you later for failing to fulfill the purpose for which He put you on earth and for leading others astray. He’s gonna get you and put you in a lake of fire and you will never die but scream eternally, bawling for murder (Lk 16: 19-31; Rev 20:12-15). If you fear God then get on His side right now.
Gangster musicians, you need to play for Him. I will tell you in a later blog about some fringe benefits of joining God’s label (Spirit of Life Recording Company)and about the devil who is your boss and why he has so much power over you. Until then, God bless and remember, don’t get me, I’m just helping you. Actually, if you try to get me, my bodyguards Gabriel and Michael will get you first.

Archangel Michael’ s request to write on New Wind

a. The core texts

On May 1st 2015, Archangel Michael asked me to write about New Wind in the scripture and directed my attention to Genesis 1: 2 in which the Spirit of God moved (H7363/rachaph) upon the face of the waters.

The Creation is the first time that the Wind of God moved upon the earth, telling us that there is a REcreation whenever God pours out His Spirit upon the Earth.

I looked for the text and did a cross reference of the usage of the Hebrew word in order to compare scripture with scripture and to juice the revelation.

Based on the comparisons, we see that WHEN GOD MOVES there is HOLY DISTURBANCE, a stirring up, fluttering and shaking:

And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved ( H7363/rachaph) upon the face of the waters – Genesis 1: 2

As an eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth H7363 over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings –Deuteronomy 32: 11

Mine heart within me is broken because of the prophets; all my bones shake; H7363 I am like a drunken man, and like a man whom wine hath overcome, because of the LORD, and because of the words of his holiness – Job 23: 9.

In the same way, there was a mighty disturbance on the Day of Pentecost – noise as the heavenly, mighty rushing wind blew into the Upper Room, then more noise as the Disciples began to speak with the utterance of the Holy Spirit. There was also great clamor as Jews from various nationalities ran to the location to hear the wonderful works of God.

Just like the Day of Pentecost, God wants to move in His 2015 church with new power, signs and wonders.

b. How does God flutter?

Since there is no root word or comparisons in scripture, I resorted to the English definition of flutter. Its  meaning show that God was moving about, excited about the events that were about to take place:

to fly lightly with quick beats of the wings, to move with quick, light movements, a state of excitement,  – (Merriam Webster, nd).

to flap the wings, to move about restlessly – (Collins Dictionary, 2015).

c. The Spirit of God

We know that the term Spirit of God in Genesis 1: 2  is a reference to MORE THAN ONE INDIVIDUAL  THINKING, SPEAKING AND CREATING IN PERFECT AGREEMENT WITH EACH OTHER. This is borne out in the following ways the text:

  • Everything that God spoke came into being – And God said.
  • And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness,,, Genesis 1: 26.
  • ‘Elohiym is the Hebrew word used  in Genesis 1: 1 to refer to God. ‘Elohiym  is used in the plural  in other contexts  that are unrelated to the Mighty God. The deliberate usage of  ‘Elohiym confirms that Creation was engineered by individuals.

Comparisons with Abraham’s encounter with God in Genesis 18 reveal that GOD in Genesis 1 refers to THREE INDIVIDUALS.

Further comparisons show that Jesus is one of these individuals. These includeJohn 1; Colossians 1: 14 – 17;

d. The Spirit of God means Wind of God

There is a progression in Genesis 1: 1 & 2  that introduces God to men and reveals that God is Spirit (H7303/ruwach) or a spiritual being:

 In the beginning God created…

… and the Spirit (H7303/ruwach)of God moved upon the face of the waters

The Spirit of God also refers to the nature and character of God. This is the God who wants to fill the believer and show evidences of His very Presence. Therefore, those who are filled with this Holy Spirit will inevitably demonstrate the very nature and character of God.

Here are examples that I derived from the biblical references in which the Spirit (H7303/ruwach) of God is either directly or indirectly referenced:

  • God is Creator (Genesis 1 & 2) – imparting supernatural abilities to conceptualize, design and make things of a highly complex nature.
  • God can strive or judge humans (Genesis 6: 3). He imparts the capacity for righteous judgment.
  • God is Life – He imparts new life into the Believer.  Ruwach is also used to mean breath of life. God breathed (H5301/naphach) the breath  (H5397/nĕshamah) of life into Adam.  
  • When the scriptures say that God breathed (H5301/naphach) life into Adam, it means that God blew in much the same way that someone would blow upon fire in order to ignite it.  God has also imparted this supernatural ability to ignite life to dead things by the prophetic utterance:

Then said he unto me, Prophesy unto the wind, prophesy, son of man, and say to the wind, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe H5301 upon these slain, that they may live – Ezekiel 37: 7

  • The mighty rushing wind on the Day of Pentecost was therefore symbolic of God breathing mighty life into His Church. This is why we need the Wind of God and outpouring of His Spirit.
  • Here are biblical examples of how the infilling of the Spirit (H7303/ruwach) of God  empowered people in the scripture. The infilling produced:
    • the spirit of wisdom to design clothing, jewelry, to engrave jewelry and to make other types of designs – Exodus 28: 3
    • The ability to design works of art – Exodus 31: 3
    • the ability to reproduce the same Spirit of God  that one possesses for ministry – Numbers 11: 17, 25. 26. 29; Numbers 27: 18; 2 Kings 2: 9 & 15
    • the spirit to follow God fully – Numbers 14: 24.
    • the spirit of wisdom to lead people and to cause them to follow – Deuteronomy 34: 9; Judges 3: 10; Judges 6: 34.
    • courage and boldness – Joshua  2: 11; Acts 4: 29 & 31.
    • supernatural strength – for example Samson – Judges 14;
    • yoke destroying power  as in the case of David who drove away demons by playing anointed music (attention musicians) – 1 Samuel 16: 13 – 16; 23; 1 Samuel 18: 10; 1 Samuel 19: 9.
    • prophetic utterance and other gifts of the spirit – 2 Samuel 23: 2
    • the spirit H7307 of wisdom and understanding, the spirit H7307 of counsel and might, the spirit H7307 of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD;  righteousness, reproof, peace –  Isaiah 11
    • Deliverance  – Isaiah 61
    • Holiness – Isaiah 63: 11
    • dreams and visions – Ezekiel 11

We have not exhausted the texts because these texts have focused on the Old Testament. Blessings, peace and angelic prosperity.


God is a spiritual being

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

The Prophet Musicians

This study on the role of the Prophet Musicians was done particularly for Impac Jazz, but I felt  that I should share it with other musicians who follow this blog.

God told Prophets David the King, Gad and Nathan to appoint musicians to minister before the ark of His Presence (1 Chron 25: 1; 2 Chronicles 29: 20).  The Chiefs were Asaph; Heman; Jeduthun:







He was a recorder or secretary to the King David (2 Kings 18: 18 & 37). He was the Chief Musician of the three (Psa 39, 62 & 77). The translation of Chief musician indicates that he excelled, was the Overseer.He wrote music for the King’s psalms – e.g. 4, 6, 8, 9, 11. 12, 13, 14, 18
His job was to minister (sharath) to the Lord in the temple (1 Chron 16: 37).
Sharath   also means:* to serve (Genesis 39: 4)* do service (Exodus 39: 41)
He was King David’ seer or prophet (2 Chron 29: 30) – told him the secrets of God. King David’s seer or prophet (1 Chron 25: 5) King David’s seer or prophet (1 Chron 35: 15)
He and his sons were musicians/ played the cymbals (1 Chron 16: 5; Ezra 3: 10) He played the trumpets and cymbals (1 Chron 15: 19 & 16: 42).His sons played the horn (1 Chron 25: 5) Played trumpets and cymbals(1 Chron 16: 42)
He and his sons were singers (1 Chron 15: 19; 2 Chron 35: 15; Neh 7: 44 & 11: 22; Ezra 2: 41) A singer (1 Chron 6: 33 & 15: 15 & 16)
They sang songs of praise and thanksgiving unto God (2 Chron 29: 30; Neh 12: 46) He was responsible for giving thanks when King David brought back the ark from captivity (1 Chron 16: 41). Sang praises (1 Chron 16: 41)
They were worshippers (2 Chron 29: 30).
The sons of Asaph were intercessors – they gave thanks in prayer (Nehemiah 11: 17)
Asaph was a songwriter– Psalms 50; 73; 76; 77; 78; 79; 80; 81; 82; 83The nation sang his songs (2 Chron 29: 30) Heman wrote Psalm 88:O LORD God of my salvation, I have cried day [and] night before thee: Let my prayer come before thee: incline thine ear unto my cry;
Asaph and his sons were prophets – they prophesied (naba) with their instruments (1 Chron 25: 1) He was a prophet (1 Chron 25: 1 & 5) He and his sons prophesied with harps, psaltries/guitar like instrument and cymbals (1 Chron 25: 1, 6)
Naba means to give instructions when the Spirit of the Lord comes on you (Numbers 11: 25 – 27; 1 Samuel 6: 10, 11, 13
Important example:Jahaziel a descendant of Asaph prophesied the word of the Lord to the King Jehoshaphat and to the Jewish nation when they were threatened by invasion(2 Chronicles 20: 14).
How did they do it?Play and another would sing out the prophecy (Elijah in 2 Kings 3: 11 – 19 spoke or sang a prophecy to the nation when a musician played)
They would play the music and sing the prophecies also called parables or secrets:“I will incline mine ear to a parable … open my dark sayings upon the harp” (Ps 49: 4)Also Asaph in Psalm 78: 2
Jesus also confirmed that these musicians were prophets who exposed secrets of God. The Lord Himself always spoke to the multitudes in parables:That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet (the musician in Psalm 49 & 78), saying, I will open my mouth in parables; I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world (Matthew 13: 34 & 35)
The sons of Asaph also had administrative duties in the temple (Neh 11: 22) His sons were porters in the temple
The ultimate job of the musicians and singers was to usher in the presence of the Lord.For example, this was done in such a powerful way at the dedication of the Temple that the Lord revealed His Presence in a cloud which filled the temple (2 Chron 5: 12 – 14).
  1. A great leader must choose and train a successor to carry the same wisdom and power that is in him or her. God trained Moses for leadership, then showed him how to train Joshua.
  2. Joshua represented another generation – he was half of Moses’ age.  Leaders need to find a way to directly interact and teach their youths.  God called Moses from a burning bush.
  3. This mentoring relationship is achieved by direct involvement of the protégée in the mentor’s encounters with God.  Moses spent long periods in God’s presence and did what He said.
  4. God revealed to us that the laying on of hands is the KEY to the transfer of the Spirit of God to the protégée
  5. The protégée will follow in the steps of the mentor and do new exploits. For example:
  6. Joshua parted the river Jordan to allow entry while Moses parted the Red Sea for escape
  7. He led Israel in the conquest of 31 nations
  8. He was a terror to the heathen, just as Moses had been a terror to Pharoah in Egypt
  9. He also continued to meet with God
  10. Unfortunately, Joshua did not leave a successor and the Israelites went into a period of spiritual decline. However, they served the Lord during his lifetime (Judges 2: 7)
  11. Examples of other mentoring relationships include – Abraham and Isaac; Elijah and Elisha; David and his Musicians/Prophets; the Prophet/Musicians and their sons; Jesus and the Apostles; Paul and Timothy, Titus etc.

Scriptures show that Apostles rule in the church as well as in other spheres. Here are some examples:

  1. Joseph, Moses, David, Daniel and Esther were political leaders. Note that this role was closely twinned with their relationship with God.
  2. They influenced their times by bringing spiritual revelation, dominion over their enemies and the worship of God into the earth.
  3. David also impacted the arts, since he was a dancer, an inventor of musical instruments (1 Chron 23: 5), a musician, a promoter (he had choirs and teams of prophet/musicians in his temple). 

These are just a few examples. As we unravel them, may our hearts be blessed.

In the previous post, I established that all those who believed in the word of the Lord before Christ died went into Paradise (contrary to other viewpoints). These believers are a part of the church in heaven (called the church of the firstborn). Paul spoke of this church in Hebrews:

Hbr 12:22 But ye are come unto mount Sion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels,

Hbr 12:23 To the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect,

Hbr 12:24 And to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling, that speaketh better things than that of Abel.

This church is made up of the ‘spirits of just men made perfect”. The just are the righteous ones, those who were approved by God because they believed the word of God, even as Rahab did.

Men of God in scriptures saw and heard these saints in visions and revelations of the Lord. Here are examples:

* Daniel the man greatly beloved by God, heard a certain saint speaking to another saint about the timing of the vision which was revealed to him (Dan 8: 13). This implies that the saints in glory have access to information about the future. This “certain saint” must have been one of the outstanding ones like Abraham

* Jesus said that Abraham was alive and well in spirit and living in Paradise (Lk 16: 22,23).

* Peter, James and John saw Elijah and Moses speaking with Jesus about His death while in a vision on the mount of transfiguration

* Jude the Apostle spoke of Enoch’s prophecy about the Lord’s return with His saints(Jude 1: 14).  All we know about Enoch in scriptures is that he “walked with God: and he was not; for God took him” (Gen 5:24). Jude must have had a vision and revelation in which he saw and spoke with the man of God. In fact, the entire book of Jude is about things unseen, supporting my belief on this.

Paul said that about Enoch that by faith he “was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God” (Heb 11: 5).

* John saw the saints worshipping God with abandon in heaven and interceding for their brethren on earth. In Rev 5: 8, the elders in front of the throne are singers and musicians since they each hold harps. They are also intercessors since they “golden vials full of odours, which are the prayers of saints”. They are rooting for our success. Halelujah!
What is the purpose of visions involving the saints?

According to Paul’s writings in Hebrews 11, the saints provide living examples of the reality of faith or believing in the word of God. It is only by faith that we will please God (Heb 11: 6). They are the cloud of witnesses to the faithfulness of God in keeping His word (Heb 12: 1), serving to encourage and to cheer us on to the goal.

When speaking with the Apostles about the mysteries of the kingdom, Jesus said that “many prophets and righteous men have desired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them (Mat 13:17). These saints long to know what we know about the riches of our inheritance in Christ and all the other truths that were revealed when He came to earth. How much greater they would have been if they had known what we have received about the kingdom of God! This is why we will not escape if we neglect so great a salvation by our Lord Jesus


Greetings to the Father, Angels and saints in Christ. As I reread yesterday’s post on the bus on my way home, a question popped into my mind. The question was, “why did the Bible say that Michal had no child until the day of her death?” (2 Sam 6: 23). Well, I will dilute the answer a bit with an explanation. How do women become pregnant? Exactly! David lost the sexual desire that he had for Michal. Remember that he had wanted her and had gone through hell to marry her (1 Sam 18: 20 – 30).

Did I quote the exact words that cost her the marriage? Well she told him:

 “how glorious was the king of Israel to day, who uncovered himself to day in the eyes of the handmaids of his servants, as one of the vain fellows shamelessly uncovereth himself” (2 Sam 6:20).

Can you imagine the loud, shrieking voice, hand movements, scornful glances and body actions that must have accompanied her words? In other words, she heaped scorn and bitterness on his worship in front of the worshippers that day when he was at the high point of his praise.

She was more concerned with appearances than with the fact that a great victory had been accomplished.

Remember that the first attempt to return the ark had resulted in the death of a priest. On the second attempt to return the ark, David was elated with his success, God’s favor and presence that day. He was suddenly deflated, embarrassed and ashamed at Michal’s attitude, which killed his desire to be with her as a person as well as any sexual desire that he had. Maybe it was already dead, who knows, because she responded to him in bed in much the same way that she responded to him verbally. He got nothing out of her because “she was a cold fish in bed”.

I quote exactly what I heard the Lord say about Michal. The word says in Prov 31: 30 that “favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.” Michal lost the praise of her husband and the generations to come because the root of her problem was her lack of respect for God. Men of God, especially single men, there is deep information to help you here if you ruminate on this revelation long enough. Women of God, Christian women, let us listen and learn from this woman.

The second question that occurred to me much later that night was, “what was Michal doing at home?” Based on her response to David, I assume that maybe she did not go because the issue of the return of the ark was not important to her. She did not truly share the concerns of the ministry that her husband was preoccupied with. She knew historically that he got “out of control” anytime he went to the temple and met the priests and musicians for worship.

As we can see from 2 Sam 6: 5, on the first attempt to return the ark to the city of David:

… David and all the house of Israel played before the LORD on all manner of [instruments made of] fir wood, even on harps, and on psalteries, and on timbrels, and on cornets, and on cymbals.

This was the first attempt. Can you imagine the celebration on the second attempt? David and the people went wild in worship!

Michal must have told herself that she was not going anywhere because she could not bear to see the “carrying on”. Worship?!! Who me? Uh uh! She could do a little shake maybe, but wild abandon? Not the daughter of Saul and wife of the King of Israel! She was royalty twice!

Now there is a difference between staying at home if you really can’t make it and staying at home because you flatly refuse to go to support your husband. If you are at home or unable to be physically present due to circumstances beyond your control, you can intercede for the safety of your husband, success of the mission, flow of the anointing, salvation of souls etc.

Do whatever it takes to share his ministry whether present or absent. Did not Paul tell the Colossians in 2: 5

“…though I be absent in the flesh, yet am I with you in the spirit, joying and beholding your order, and the stedfastness of your faith in Christ”.

You need to read chapter one in order to fully understand the context. However, I would tell you that Paul was at a place of spiritual revelation where he did not need information from anyone in order to detect the spiritual state of the Colossian believers. He was operating in the gift of knowledge and discernment which are two of the gifts that the Lord uses to detect the condition of His church. If the husband and wife are the corollary of Christ and His church, do you not think that a married man and woman who are in the Lord can discern the state each is in when they are physically apart? Yet I speak of a mystery concerning Christ and the church.

I just put my hands over my mouth in astonishment after I just read 1 Sam 18: 21. I had gone to that scripture to cite for you the exact verse after having written the words “remember that he had wanted her and had gone through hell to marry her (1 Sam 18: 20 – 30)”. Well, I had read these words many times but just saw them for the first time.

The words in 1 Sam 18: 20 and 21 are:

“And Michal Saul’s daughter loved David: and they told Saul, and the thing pleased him.

And Saul said, I will give him her, that she may be a snare to him, and that the hand of the Philistines may be against him.

Wherefore Saul said to David, Thou shalt this day be my son-in-law in the one of the twain.”

Oh my God! do you see what I see? Saul said that he would use two things to kill David. One was his daughter Michal and the other was the Philistines. He actually said that he would use Michal as “a snare” to David. He was also going to somehow combine this snare with the “hand of the Philistines”.

Oh my God! This started with Saul using Michal as a bait to get David killed by the Philistines. The man of God had to obtain the foreskins of 100 Philistines. Not this is really funny in retrospect, but how gross could Saul become. Who would willingly give up foreskins? David had to circumcise dead men! To make the morbid humor even more morbid, the man of God obtained not 100, but 200 of these foreskins. This means that he had to kill 200 Philistines to get Michal, but the scriptures clearly said that “Saul thought to make David fall by the hand of the Philistines”.

The question is, who is the devil setting up as your death trap, men of God? There is a deeper issue here.

Although Saul went through the charade of using Michal to get David killed by the Philistines, did he know and see something about her that we do not know?

Did he know that she would voluntarily help him kill the man of God although she thought that she loved him?

Is there something further that the scripture does not reveal about Michal?

Did Saul indoctrinate her about the need to kill David and means to do so? It certainly did not suit her interests to have David killed when Saul was hunting him, as we learned from 1 Sam 19: 9-17. He was a thrill to her emotional need for excitement and the unobtainable.

Maybe she loved him because her father hated him. Whatever her motives for “loving” him, the deep seated hate that she had inside sprang up when he was no longer “the enemy”.

David was now the affluent, powerful king and the element of emotional control that Michal held over him was broken. May God bless us. I have to run now and hope that these truths would help us to avoid the death traps of the enemy in the spirit of “Michal”.

Greetings to the Father, Son, Spirit, Angels and saints in Christ. The Lord has been teaching me about the spirits that can be found in women in the church – the spirit of Ruth and the spirit of Michal. The contrasts are stark and my mind has been exploding with the enormity of the implications of this information, to which we who are wise would pay heed. I will now hopefully complete with the rest of the information which I received on 4/20/07 at 12.20 a.m:

The LORD told me that while Michal would kill the spirit of the man and stop the flow or try to stop the flow of the anointing in his life, Ruth will take him to a high level of worship.

We need therefore to stop and ask why is God so consumed with the issue of worship. Boaz had found his Eve:

She was a natural, uninhibited worshipper. The next teaching will blow your mind, so be prepared. The Lord also told me that Ruth’s lack of inhibition in worship was a foretaste of things to come. This is because the Lord showed me that a woman who is abandoned to the Lord in worship is a woman who is abandoned in bed (Scandalous! Cover your eyes!).

True worshippers are liberal. A wife who truly worships her husband will give liberally in the sexual encounter. I am telling you what the Lord is teaching me.

Check it out. What is the atmosphere like if you go to a church service or even a religious or “church” event where there is form and ritual (even among so-called Pentecostals) and no worship flowing to the throne of grace? The atmosphere is heavy, tense and bound. There is no freedom/abandon to the Lord, no lightness, joy, comfort, laughter in the spirit and no sense of the presence of the LORD which brings deliverance and light the human spirit.

The following example will help to illustrate the point the Lord is making. While attending University in Jamaica in 1994/95, I attended a church called Fellowship Tabernacle ( There was such a powerful anointing and worship there. One Sunday the roads flooded and I attended a Baptist church nearby. My roommate, a young Methodist, saw the difference when I got back home. She exclaimed and commented on my facial expression and asked if I had gone to “my church”. That taught me the power of the anointing and remaining under an anointed ministry. The same is in marriage and is true of the wife, who is the husband’s church (get the picture?).

Right now I am even receiving new understanding as I write. She is the one who the husband “attends” for fellowship and for receiving the flow of the anointing (in a literal and spiritual sense) for deliverance from sexual tension, stresses of life, comfort, peace as she listens to and supports the issues of his life, deliverance from his enemies as she intercedes etc (let your mind get the corollary). If she worships her husband in spirit and in truth, as Ruth did, he will receive his deliverance as Boaz did.

Combined with Ruth, Boaz broke the generational curse on Pharez and brought the family into a new dimension in the heavenly and earth realm.

Michal did not worship David truthfully. She was like many Christians, going through the motions and pretending, but a crisis revealed her true nature. At least, his public dancing was the end of the secret, mental straw that broke the back of her shame of her husband David. She really could not take it any more and let him have it in front of his subjects.

Who knows whether or not she had been “giving him a peace of her mind” about changing the order of temple worship, getting the people to dance and praise as they entered the temple gates. Too much noise in my head!

And what is it with those musicians and prophets in the temple, eh David? Saul never did it like that! You are the king! Rolling on the temple floor and talking in strange languages? You should respect the dignity of your position!

I believe that David had just about had it “up to here” when he put her out of sight!

Beware, because truth or even deception in a person can only be spiritually discerned. You must have eyes to see and ears to hear. Judas, for example, played the game well until Mary Magdalene’s worship of the Lord seriously aggravated every devil in him (that is how the Lord told it to me). This is the final event that stirred him up to the betrayal leading to the Lord’s crucifixion. Read your word and you will see. If Judas is not in your inner circle, the hatred may not matter, but the betrayal cuts and bleeds the closer you are connected.

That is why, men, you have to be careful who you marry, because this can become a life and death issue. It may not be a physical death, but Michal can so crush you that you can lose focus and die a sort of spiritual death. It would therefore take a resurrection to get you back to the place where the LORD was taking you before wicked Judas tried to cut off your future and the future of the millions of people depending on you to fulfill your purpose. The Lord says that it is a deep secret that Michal’s name was a misnomer and that she tried to kill David and the flow of the anointing in his life. If you get out of the presence of the Lord because of a Michal, you die in a way. The Lord also told me to pray for greater revelation on this issue since it relates to Christ and His church.

God is calling for true men on the earth, but the true man of God needs a supporter, a Ruth who will help him and carry the seed of the anointing. This is a yoke destroying anointing that will build the waste places and fulfill the prophecies in Isa 58 and 61. Ruth had choices, but she rejoiced over Boaz even as the LORD rejoices over us with singing (Zeph 3:17).

She rejoiced over Boaz’s connection to the heavens, to angels, to God. She was amazed that Boaz had singled her out and given her favor (isn’t this the worshipping church saved by grace and washed in His blood?). She was not accustomed to this kind of attention and response from a man, except from her dead husband if he recognized her worth (hopefully).

Just like the church, saved by grace, washed from sins and called to be a holy priesthood, she fell down and bowed at Boaz’s feet, worshipping and obeying his commands. Does she remind you of the worshipping saints and angels in the book of Revelation? Who is like Michal? You could have the name and title and behave the opposite. This is a setup from hell. In return for his favor, Boaz asked Ruth for her “reasonable service”. She was to glean in his field, stay with the maidens and keep away from the young men.

Did he make a list of do’s and don’ts that she could not fulfill? I am yet to find it.

Blessings and may you prosper, all you Boaz’s and Ruths.

Greetings to the Father, Angels and saints in Christ. As I wrote yesterday, I wondered about the reason that Boaz told Ruth in Ruth 3:10:

“blessed be thou of the LORD, my daughter: for thou hast shewed more kindness in the latter end than at the beginning, inasmuch as thou followedst not young men, whether poor or rich”.

As I reread the post on the way home on the bus, the Lord told me three things about Ruth and the reason for the nature of Boaz’s response:

  • First, He said that she had choices other than Boaz.
  • Secondly, she had genuine interactions with him and his people.
  • The third issue is that she had responded to his request to work with him (not for cash, but for kind).

He wanted the energy, resources etc that she had to remain in his house and for any gains to recirculate to him and not another man. This morning about 12.20 am, I was awakened and the Lord told me the following words – “the thing that Ruth loved in Boaz was hated in David by his wife Michal”. How do I know that, asked the Holy Spirit in response to His own statement?

That was an important question because I had responded by saying to myself that there is nothing in the Bible to that effect, then the Lord began to teach me what He meant in those words. The answer that He gave me was that the evidence of the statement came out in the bloodline of Ruth and Michal. Remember that the statement that the Lord spoke to me is “the thing that Ruth loved in Boaz was hated in David by his wife Michal”.

Ruth, said the Lord:

produced worshippers in David, his prophet musicians and an entire nation of worshippers as David taught Judah to praise and worship as we see from the evidence in the Psalms especially chapter 100.

We know that Judah had learnt to praise and to worship as evidenced by the legacy that Jehoshaphat had received and utilized as a weapon of war when confronted by a serious military threat (2 Chron 20). This was critical to the survival of the nation of Israel at that period in its history.

Can you imagine the President of the United States taking a similar response to a military threat? What would be the outcome?

Ultimately, Jesus Himself came out of the lineage of Ruth. He was Himself a worshipper and two examples of Jn 11: 40-42 and Mt 6: 9,10 attest to that. Ruth therefore brought forth a high level of spiritual revelation in the earth through her own example which she passed on to her children and through her descendants. She was used by God to reveal Jesus’ nature and power so that all who believe would be saved.

Paul expressed the profundity of His revelation in the words in 1Ti 3:16 –

“and without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory”.

Ruth was righteous like the tree in Psalm 1, producing fruit in season. All generations can now call her blessed.

In contrast, Michal (meaning rivulet or who as God)

was the younger of King Saul’s daughters who was given in marriage to David. She hid it well, but hated David just as her father did. His worship caused the spirit of hate to rise up in her so that she threw a javelin of words at the man of God. This happened at a critical time in his rule when he finally brought back the ark from captivity. He was elated and on a spiritual high, jumping and leaping with vigor and exhilaration. His worship was the hallal where he was out of control. He blessed his God, gave gifts to the people then went home to bless his house (2 Sam 6: 14-23).

As soon as he hit the door, out came his lovely wife scoffing, frothing and cursing at him, telling him words that crushed his spirit and his joy. David knew about the power of words and therefore could not allow her to allow her words to prosper, so he put her away. She therefore had no further power to kill his destiny with words, even as Saul her father tried to kill his destiny with a javelin and by relentlessly seeking to kill him.

Michal was not a worshipper, much less a true worshipper. She had lived in Saul’s house too long. You cannot marry into the old order. It looks loveable and marriageable, but will shut you down, will shut down your worship, your potential, purpose and destiny. More to come.