Why should a man get married? Is it because she is “fine,” sexy, talented or popular?

Get Divine Revelation Man to Man

Boaz reveals hidden secrets about his Whirlwind Romance with Ruth. He now enjoys a key position in the portals of heaven because he fulfilled God’s eternal destiny and purpose through his love, romance and marriage to Ruth:

Romance From A Man’s Perspective – Boaz Sets The Pace.

Boaz’s Whirlwind Romance.

Glean In My Field! A Man Stakes out His Woman.

Boaz’s risk – a powerful revelation about the reason he chose Ruth.

Boaz’s Risk – What Did He See In Ruth?

Boaz’s Risk – The Discernment Of Ruth’s Spirit.

Boaz’s Risk – He Chose Ruth And Unknowingly Fulfilled God’s Eternal Purpose.

Boaz’s Risk – Rising To Higher Places Of Authority.

The Conspirators – The Eternal Purpose Of The Seed Or Child.

Why All The Fuss About The Seed? The Law Of Continuity.

My Daddy! Boaz’ s Influence On His Bloodline.

Boaz’s Risk – He Married Ruth And Earned A Place In History.

DISCLAIMER – I credit the experiences and interpretations in these posts to the Father who knows all things. 


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