The Huffington Post published this August 4th Marc Lamont-Hill interview of Bishop TD Jakes. I saw the news in my facebook news feed. The video clip shows Bishop Jakes’ response to the question “Do you the LBGT Community and the Black Church can coexist?”

My critique:

1. The first thing that stood out to me was Bishop Jakes’ failure to state the biblical stand on the issue.

2. He side stepped by telling Marc Lamont that the position all depends on the understanding and beliefs of the church and the individual involved.

3. What is the Bishop’s stand on homosexuality? He did not say. The explanations given by the Bishop suggest that he is all inclusive and supportive of the sin.

Yes, the church must love and not hate, but the individual needs deliverance and help.  The danger of this approach is that people are going to justify their sin based on the response of the Bishop. Archangel   Michael told me that Heaven is not pleased at all.


It is August 12th, 2015 and I am editing this post which I began to write on August 8th. The latest on the issue involves Pastor Brian Houston of Hillsong Church.  The Huffington Post posted a news article on August 10th with the caption Hillsong Church’s Brian Houston Clarifies Position On Same-Sex Marriage.  Although the Pastor claimed that his biblical views would not change, I wonder why two high profile homosexual men in the New York church were allowed to participate.

What a neat coincidence. First they interview TD Jakes and now Pastor Brian Houston. The LBGT community is trying to tie the noose of perversion around the necks of the church. What we need to understand is that these men and women are looking for acceptance. They are wounded and bruised and seeking religion as a panacea for their pain. However, religion without Christ and repentance increases the pain and torment that they are trying to heal through legislation and other activities.

What is happening is that the LBGT community is not satisfied only with the Supreme Court ruling. They are running around from one influential leader to another in an attempt to fish out peoples’ positions on the issue.  They are behaving now like children trying to turn parents against each other.  See what I am saying? They will never go to the unknown little Pastor down the street, because his opinion is not enough to turn the tide of public opinion. Now that we know the strategy, we need to interrupt their schemes and devices in prayer and spiritual assault against the gates of hell.

Now I know that there are so called LBGT churches where people fall out on the floor, dance, speak in some foreign languages etc. Let me tell you that satan used to be an altar boy. He learnt how to do church. In fact, by and large, the devil still likes to go to church if  there is no threat, because he can imagine how he used to be. In fact, he loves church so much that he still pays visits to heaven to see his Father. Did you read Job 1?

Apostle Paul warned us that Satan can be so angelic that he appears as an angel of light, deceiving the ignorant and unwary. The Apostle warned us not to believe him if he preaches another gospel. Jesus said that Adam and Eve should have paid attention to his fake doctrine. From the foundation of the earth, God set the pattern for human sexuality and Jesus confirmed this in His teachings to the Pharisees.

I should add that Apostle Paul spoke very loudly about the matter as he worked with the Gentiles who were famous for living these perverted lifestyles. In fact, they were so perverted that they included the perversion in their worship. Can you see what the devil is trying to do? He knows how much the Father hates this sin and wants to make humans miserable and to steal, kill and eliminate the race. Well I want to live forever. Do you? Jesus told me to ask you that question.

OK now. What about the tongues, dancing etc in the LBGT churches?  You see them on You Tube. Well. again, the scripture says that gifts are without repentance. That only means that if you are born with a gift,  God does not take it away even if you rebel. You just use the gift to serve another master. God is really not mean, but I heard Him wishing that He had taken away satan’s gifts.

Back to the point. Demons used to go to church in heaven. They had the best music, used to dance, shout etc and have a whale of a time.  Music still affects them that way. In fact, I once heard a demon possessed man speaking in uhhh “tongues” of a bird. That was in Chateaubelair many years ago. I cast them out with the help of Sr. Olive Ferdinand, mother of Pastor Chesley Ferdinand.

It is a dangerous thing indeed when men of the church have so much power that they can sway the people from holiness to unrighteousness. Then who is our God? God or man? Jesus said to search the scriptures and find the truth.

Hillsong’s New York Pastor is reported as having said that Jesus never said anything about homosexuality. No He did not. He was a Jew and the Jews knew fully well what the law taught on the issue. They would have been stoned to death for daring. Jesus did not need to speak about the issue. He already spoke in Genesis 18 and 19.  Have you read? Moreover, the Lord taught the Law of First things. Did He not say that in the beginning God made humans male and female and that a man was to forsake his parents and to cleave to his wife? To further clarify the issue, there were no transvestites in those days – a man had male hormones, a penis, testicles and X and Y chromosomes. A man was a man and a woman was a woman. I ask whether or not God updated the Law of First Things in regards to marriage? No He has not.

However, while God loves all people, including the LBGT, He does not love their sin. In fact, Jesus told me it is “the sin of sins.” Apostle Paul talked about being the chiefest of sinners, so you can argue about all sin being sin. Jesus taught about some judgement being more tolerable than others.  Hear the scripture.

God destroyed the world of Noah’s era with a flood, then destroyed the plains of Sodom and Gomorrah by fire. Fire annihilates everything. How will He deal with this?

Lord Jesus told me that church leaders who deny the truth of the Word of God on the issue of homosexuality are “Iscariot,” denying Him for pieces of  silver. Let us beware and follow what the Lord teaches rather than leaning to our understanding as recommended by Bishop Jakes and others.



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